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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

1) I'm all ready for the Project Runway finale. That's something that I thought I would never say. Anyways, I want Uli to win. Germany didn't win the World Cup so at least they can win Project Runway.

2)Those commercials for "Marie Antoinette" where they use New Order and the Strokes are so cool. I don't know how much it makes me want to see the movie, but it makes me a bit nostalgic and reminds me of certain times in my life. Good times.

3)The "Pussy Cats" album that the Walkmen are about to put out sounds wonderful. If you don't believe me listen to "Don't Forget Me." I get teary eyed listening to that song.


Blogger Marisa said...

ask and you shall receive...

12:32 AM  

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