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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm gonna suggest that you buy the new Oohlas album that came out today. It's not anything groundbreaking, but it's so damn catchy. I like it. I like it alot. The Oohlas are from LA and their guitar player use to be the drummer for Everclear. OMG! LOL! Everclear! Anyways, they are on Stolen Transmission Records which the label from former Spin writer(if you can call it writing) Ultragrrrl. Ultragrrrl(Ultragrrrl? More like Ultrahrrrl) has suggested that My Chemical Romance is the Nirvana for this decade of kids. If that's the case I feel sorry 15 year olds. To make such a comparison is mind boggling.

Time to watch some soccer in my pajamas. Waking up at 2am to go to work sucks, but getting off at 11am rules. Woo, yeah, alright.


Blogger Sarah said...

it is a great album, you dont lie.

now i shall return to my corner so i can not make you hurl.

3:56 PM  

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