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Friday, July 28, 2006

I get up around 7, get outta of bed around nine. I wiseman once sang these words. That wiseman was W. Axl Rose. Here's what I don't get... What the fuck are doing waking up around seven Axl? Shouldn't you be partying down on Sunset Strip till seven? Shouldn't you be doing coke off hookers boobs around 5am? That defintely means that you won't be going to bed at seven in the morning. WTF! I could understand "I got to bed around seven and I wake up around nine to get a glass of water so I can take some Advil." But waking up around seven? Axl, c'mon dude. Seriously.

Alright kitty cats, let the festivities begin. This weekend is the lovely Pitchfork festival and next week is Lollapalooza. Once again, it's gonna be fucking hot. With that said, hipsters please don't wear pants to these events. You gotta have some shorts. Or least cut your tight jeans into shorts. I won't mind. And wear some sunblock cause the last thing that I want to see next week is some redfaced, tight jean wearing hipster walking around the streets acting like everything(including themselves)is cool. Got it. Good.


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