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Saturday, May 06, 2006

So Coachella was awesome. It resparked my life. Everything was incredible. The music, the weather, the food(or lack there of), the beer, the water, the girl that I feel in love with...everything.

These are the bands that I saw...

Daft Punk-unfuckingbelievable. Out of this world performance. It changed my life forever. I love French robots.

Editors-Ridiculous. A complete must see at Lollapalooza. Half empty tent cause everybody was watching Madonna. I love Interpol(one of my favorites), but Editors blew them out of the water. Fooking amazing.

Go! Team- So much fun. Lots of energy.

Scissor Sisters-So gay, yet so amazing. I felt like I was having a weird dream while watching them. "I had this dream last night, and I was in the desert and the Scissor Sister were playing and there were all these gay men..." you get the picture.

Kanye-Sweet. Played a set full of hits. Only 2 albums and every song is a hit.

Damien Marley- Fun reggae. Jah live, Rastafari! He also did alot of call and response like his dad did on the live albums which was cool to me.

Gnarls Barkley- Again, ridiculous. They dressed up like the cast of the Wizard of Oz. The string section were monkeys, Cee-Loo was the lion, Danger Mouse was the Tin Man, lots of witches, the background singers were Dorothy's, one of them was doing the robot the whole set which was awesome.

Magic Numbers-great. Chubby happy people that know how to rock. Really good.

Los Amigos Invisibles-Awesome. So much energy. Highly suggest going to see them.

Walkmen-Fantastic. I finally got to see them. Hamilton is one cool dude. He had this tan suit on which was fitting for the sunny laid back atmosphere. The guy is gonna blow out his vocal chords one day if he keeps on singing like that. It sounded like it hurt.

Depeche Mode- Don't have to say much other than Depeche fucking Mode. One of my all time favorites. Like a fine wine. Girls still screech when David Gahan shimmies.

Franz Ferdinand-Played some cool stuff off the new album that I had not heard yet like "Eleanor Put Your Boots On"

I'm gonna stop there cause I'm getting tired. All I'll say is that I had the best time of my life. I highly suggest you go next year. You won't regret it. Daft Punk and Editors are must see, no matter what. While I was in the beer tent you could hear James Blunt playing. He played a cover of "Where is My Mind" and then played "You are Beautiful" right after. I lost my lunch soon after...

to be continued...(maybe)


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