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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Chinese Democracy is finally coming out! In March! It's been a long time Axl. According to Slash, he was told by some insider that the record sounded great. Can't wait. It will be very interesting.

Also, Johnny Marr is working with Modest Mouse on their new album which makes me very happy. The Smiths reunion that will never happen is making me sad. I think Johnny and Andy Rourke are up to it and even Moz maybe up for it. The X factor in the whole Smiths equation is Mike Joyce. Not that he doesn't want to play with the Smiths, but because the idiot had to go and sell rare Smiths memorabilia on Ebay. You were in the Smiths! Why are you selling it on Ebay! (sidenote: Morrissey did put up is car on Ebay last year, but not some vintage white vinyl)

With all this said, I would now like to start rumors of who will be playing Lollapalooza this year...

Gun 'n Roses
Chili Peppers
Maybe the Pumpkins
Franz Ferdinand
Kanye or Common
Arctic Monkeys
Morrissey(Mozzer got all huffy and puffy when 2004 was canceled, but now that Lollapalooza is being run by different people I think he will change his mind).
and my new band which doesn't have a name yet, but will definitely be ready to headline the 3rd night of Lollapalooza. We'll see if my predictions are right very shortly. Thievery Corporation is already signed up and hopefully they won't put them on the stage across the street.

Remember this years Lolla is 3 days ala Austin City Limits style. Last year ACL had 130 bands and 8 stages. I don't think Lollapalooza will have 8 stages, but their will be more bands playing this year. To top it all off they've had a whole year to prepare for this one and last year they only had 3 weeks to find bands. Save the dates August 4-6, Grant Park. Remember stay hydrated and try not to start drinking and smoking at 10 a.m. I guess that's more a reminder for myself.

The new band is looking for two to three people to round things out. No real experience required just a desire to create something beautiful and original. If you don't have all the gear we can probably help you. If interested leave a comment or email me @


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