the manic hispanic


Friday, July 12, 2002

Woah, next time I see a team member out and they are drinking a beer in front me I'm afraid I'm going to have to give out a red card. And I ain't fucking around. Live by the gimlet, die by gimlet. You hear me.

In other news, the Unholy Spirit will be entering Madison in a few hours. She called me to tell me this last night and we had a nice conversation. She also told me that on her last night in town she passed out... I'll save you the details. Lets just say if she would have woke up a few minutes later than she actually did some guy would be in jail right now. Actually, regardless of when she did wake up I'm pretty sure he would be in some big trouble right now. Either way, the kid is dead meat. It really sucks that somebody would do that to somebody. It also sucks that it affects people so much and they hold it all inside and play the situation down. Like I said, he's dead meat.


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