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Wednesday, May 08, 2002

In the words of Stifflerdick, the crack weed is back. Oh yes my friends, it is, it really is. "The White Russian." Oh yes, it is. I remember way back when I was a small child and I had just been recently "dumped" by the Unholy Spirit (sidenote: my ex-girlfriend has now become the Unholy Spirit. Also, she now part of my axis of evil along with a couple other girls like The Devil, and The AntiChrist. Ladies, if your reading this, I'm sorry)On another sidenote, muthafucking blogga just ate my biggest post ever. I will now try and re-create my last attempt at blogging..... and then The White Russian enterend my life. It was the best rebound ever. This month my relationship with the WR will blossom into love or marriage.

How about some music talk: Puddle of Mudd...How about Puddle of Shitt
Now I probably saw the worst thing ever on MTV last night. It was a video with the guy from Nickelback and the guy from Saliva doing a song for the Spiderman soundtrack.
Who was the A&R genius behind that puddle of shitt. Seriously, this song is probably on repeat in Hell. Speaking of which, what song do you think repeats in Hell? Could this be contest#3? You tell me. Only one person has ever answered to my contests which leads me to believe that a) no one ever reads this blog b) no one likes my contest c) you like my contest but you are either too lazy or too embarrassed to be the only one to respond(No worries though. There's nothing to be afraid of) or d) you don't like hispanics and you're just racist son of a bitch.

How about some tv talk: I got cable back. Not only did we get our cable back, but I have cable in my room. Superb. Truly superb. Lets hear it for the cast of Real World 11 for sucking out the feeling and emotion out of the most tragic event in recent time. That cast is a Puddle of Shitt. I wish their heads were soccer balls and I was taking penalty kicks all day. Especially Aneesa's head. I've had problems with cast members in the past, but never a whole cast. Wait, I watch too much tv. Sorry.

How about some film: About a Boy comes out next week. I wonder how my favorite book will play out on screen. Hugh, you better do me good. Speaking of Hugh, I saw Notting Hill on tv the other night and I must say Julia Roberts was a total skeezer in that movie. And Hugh, I'm sorry to say that your ass got skeezed in that movie. What a sucker.

How about some book: Other than About a Boy, my favorite book ever is A Heart Breaking Work of Staggering a Genius. Ever since I read AHBWOSG I haven't been able to read anything for more than 50 pages cause nothing seems to satisfy me like David Eggers life did. Any suggestions for books?

How about some hair talk: I have a mohawk right now. I really do. I was only going to keep it for a couple hours, but I like it so much I'm going to keep it for a little longer.

Lastly, I would like to inform my readers, or reader, or myself that I will be handing out final grades tomorrow(Friday) for the first semester of the rest of my life. I'm shooting for above a 2.0, but I might on probahtion after this semester. Tune in and see. Cheers


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