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Tuesday, May 28, 2002

According to the email I got from the today zero people have visited my site this week. Thanks guys. This once again proves my previous theory that I am having a conversation with myself on this blog. I have no problems with that. You're just missing out on the most incredible blog this side of Pinckney St.(sidenote: The Pinckney St. block is so on. It will take place around the 4th of July. You are all invited)

Currently spinning: Have You Forgotten-Red House Painters

I went into Uno's today for orientation and watched a bunch of boring videos, and ate free pizza. Boring videos + Free pizza = 657 or a nap. One of the new girls resembled Natalie Portman. I smell a crush. My first day is Friday at 10am. Feel free to stop in and tell the managers that I'm doing a good job so they fire the other host and give me a raise and more hours.

Speaking of Friday...Friday is the first day of the World Cup. Has it really been four years since the last one? Oh, I can't wait. The first game is at 5:30am, France vs Senegal. My prediction... France 2, Senegal 0.

World Cup Predictions by The Manic Hispanic
Final Four: Argentina, Italy, England and Portugal
Championship match: England vs Argentina.
Champion: England
Player of the Tournament: David Beckham
Leading goal scorer of the Cup: Michael Owen
Will the U.S. make it past the first round: Yes
Breakout player for the U.S.: Demarcus Beasley
Dark Horse of the Cup: Paraguay
Do alot of people think I'm crazy with my predictions? Yes
Do I care? No
Do people who are reading this care about soccer? Probably not. Oh wait, I'm the only one who's reading it, so yes.
Will I be awake at 5:30am on Friday? Most definitely
Will I be awake at odd hours for the next month? See last answer
Can you come over at 5:30am on Friday and watch the game with me? Of course
Best place to watch a game in Madison? Other than my house I would have to say Tutto Pasta on State St. The key is root against Italy no matter who they are playing. You'll get a good laugh and everyone will hate you especially the owners. Subsequently, every time you come in post World Cup, the owners will give you dirty looks. I can neither confirm or deny that this happens, but a little bird once told me that it does.

Do you have any predictions?
Wanna make some bets with me?

We are just going to have wait a whole month to see if my predictions hold true. Till then, I'll make sure to keep you updated on the on-goings of the greatest sporting event this world has ever seen.


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