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Thursday, April 18, 2002

1. Eight days straight of drinking and there ain't no stopping...Give it up for me cause I'm the fucking best.

2. The girl with the purple bouncy ball will get a call tonight. Wish me luck. Don't worry ladies if she doesn't agree to hang out I have plenty of purple bouncy balls to hand out.

3. I'm starting to feel sick. I wonder if it has anything to do with #1?

4.I am going to Champaign tomorrow to see the Alkaline Three. Champaign smells bad.

5. The Alkaline Trio is going on tour with Sum41 in the fall. That's a wack ass concert.

6. I turn 23 in 5 days. 23 on the 23rd. GOLDEN The party will be happening either at the Pub, Paul's Club, or my pants.

7. Did I just say in my pants? I'm sorry.

8. The World Cup starts in 1 month and one week.

9. The citizens of Ireland are asking their government to switch the clocks so that the Irish clocks match the clocks in Korea/Japan(sites of the Cup).

10. There is still only one winner...I can't give away the prizes or even start a new contest until I have two winners. Free Beans


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